Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yarn Cat at Wicklow Mountains

Last Saturday, Yarncat went on a Wicklow Tour with the man and the sister.

It was such an amazing experience that I can't even put my feeling in words. To try to do so, I can only tell you - the images of the landscape is still haunting me and today is Tuesday.
Have a look:

I really can't tell you how beautiful the place is. The truth is, even the photos I have uploaded here are not doing the justice how beautiful the landscape truly is. All I can say is, GO just GO, you will be stunned.

If you are going to go on the tour, my piece of advice is, go on this one.

The thing is, there are so many different companies in the market for Wicklow Tour that you get to see all the competitors lining up along O'Connell Street (note to non-Irish readers: the main street of Dublin) at 9 am. You might wonder what is so different about the one I joined?

The difference is I can almost swear it is the best of a tour you can ask for! I am never a tour person, I have joined ONE tour in my life when I was 17 and then I am done! I hate tours, I like to have freedom to wonder around, to have my own adventure, to look for places to see, restaurant to try out, etc. But the Unplugged is so good that I don't feel I am stressed, I am not treated like chickens, and I actually get MORE by joining this tour then going there by myself. The reason is their organisation is excellent. They give you enough free time without too much free time leaving you hanging around bored, the guide is smart, funny and not one time saying something that I found bullshit. He also DJ at the same time on the bus! Playing Ronnie Drew and all sort of Irish songs that go with the landscape at the right time! I swear, at a few point, all these Irishness surrounding me by the music, the green, the idea of me being in this incredible combination of all wet my eyes. I am not exaggrating. Our guide was Damien who was an engineer who have traveled all over the world, he talked about Ireland, environmental issue, Irish people, sometimes actually life in general. It is one of the few talkative people I encounter in my life that I actually want to hear more what he needs to say, that say it all.

Of course, to an obsessive knitter, a tour without yarn is something missed out. There was yarn alright.

The shot of the yarn shelf is actually inside a local woolen mill. Apart from yarn (which is actually a very minor marketing item for them I guess), most of the space instead the shop is selling tourist souvenirs. There is also a coffee shop inside...

Yep, you don't have to rub your eyes, it is not an illusion, it was a spinning wheel...close up...

To anyone of you concerned, I didn't buy anything coz their yarn are in packages and I still got enough Irish wool from Aran Islands for a while.

Apart from final product, you can even get to be close with the producers!

You can get even closer...

Or even closer...

Finally, I think it is one of the biggest jokes I have ever experienced in my life...a lake that looks like a pint of guinness!!! I am not making this up, look at that!!!

I have no religion belief whatsoever, but I guess there must be some 'power' somewhere to bring Irish people such a joke. I mean, it wouldn't be as funny if the lake is somewhere else, right? I wonder who has this idea...