Monday, July 21, 2008

New Charger

Hi everyoneeeee...I am back after two weeks away from blogging. (Reason refers to the last entry.)

What have I done during these two weeks? Loads of things! I am going to go through all these with you in the coming days. (If not, it will become a half an hour reading entry)

First up, Larm's kick pillow.

Since Larmlarm the cat/king/owner of the house likes to kick our feet, I have decided to make him a kick pillow if kickboxing is his hidden dream job.

I have used cable patterns in the middle for the following reasons:
1. I can practice how to make cables.
2. It will tough up the fabric for the rough kicking of Larmlarm the king.
3. It is nice to look at anyway, no? Let's look at the close-up.

I know, some of you might be suspicious about if LL the king will actually kick this pillow? I have prepared photo report for you...

Step 1. Observe the enemy...(imagine some kung fu music starts, dang dang dang dang dang, cha cha cha, dang dang, cha...)

Step 2. Calculate the risk of an attack...(notice there is a broken panda at the top left corner of the photo? It is one of the millions toy LL the king has lying around in the house. If you say, 'oh man, poor panda's spine is broken, then imagine my feet got the same treatment of LL the king and you might start to understand why I make this kick pillow, etc)

Step 3. Um...let's try another angle to attack, we could lick and understand the smell of the enemy...

Step 4. Corner the enemy...

Step 5. Getting ready...


Step 7. KICK THE HELL OUT OF THE PILLOW!!! (Look at his face, it is scary, isn't it? Eyeing me right into the camera like 'what are you doing? stop freaking taking me picture, I am going to sue!)

Step 8. Something unbelievable happened!!! CIRCLE KICK!!!

(Look at the sad sad broke panda still lying there...)

On a less violent and more loving tone, I am glad that the national newspaper Irish Times has interviewed some of the StitchNBitcher in Dublin City Centre Group and done a full page feature. The article was honest enough to give Irish people a real picture of knitting and knitters in Dublin nowadays. Please click here to refer to the article.

Preview: More FO done during these 2 weeks, some heavy-duty crafty stuff purchased, spinning class participated by Yarn Cat.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book Review (without laptop)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,

Please look at this picture.

You are all going to go, 'oh look at this little cat, hugging people's foot, so cute...'

But if I tell you, he is the cat from hell and try to destory everything on this planet (he can't go out since he lives in an appartment building so he decided to destory everything inside this appartment instead), will you believe me? Ok, let's try again...Look at the suspect again...

Well, I don't care if you believe me, but he did this!!!


So how can I access to my blog now? Using the old slow desktop and take 10 years to upload all these photos!

Now back to the business, book review:

Mason Dixon Knitting

First of all, I love this book. It is one of the most inspirational knitting book out there to send the message to 'knit out of the box'. Knitting doesn't necessarily mean garment, knitting for others, knitting complicated piece of art. Knitters can knit because they like to knit and they enjoy doing it. Simple knitting is fun too! I am totally in love with this concept.

The result is, there is no technical how-to section, there is no sweater project in the book. But you have tons of funny projects + tons of inspiration + tons of sense of humour.

So if you are looking into getting a normal pattern book, it is not, I warn you.

Projects include: dishcloth, baby kimono, hand towel, knitting on a demin jacket, piano chair cushion, curtain, nightie, bathrobe, washcloth, container boxes, blanket, rugs, more blankets, more rugs, scarf, shawl, bib, baby basket cozy.

The reason why they have decided to knit for the house and use a lot of square as the basis of their design is:
1. the house never complain it is not fashionable; not the right size, colour; yarn is scratcy.
2. House has to wear its blanket every day instead of once a year after forced by mother.
3. Can't stop knitting, squares are good, just keep on knitting...

I personally love this book and have inspired me a lot. Though I can understand some people are disappointed if there were looking for a more conventional pattern book. So I guess only you can decide if it is what you are looking for.

What have I made from the book? The nightie, the dishcloth, the blanket, and recently the bib. I enjoyed very much during the process of making all of these. They are all very easy knit but interesting enough to keep you going.

I am so excited to know that they are putting out a second book soon! Have seen the preview somewhere that there will be a knitted mop, a knitted plastic gloves cozy and stuff. I laughed just by looking at it. Can't wait...