Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving in my office

Those of you who are following this blog should know I am figuring out a way to get out of the 9-5. Since I am a crazy cat lady, I have decided to be in a 'cat business'. Today, I finally feel I am one step ahead getting there...setting up my office.

The office corner is just in the guest room but it is very significant to me. It means I am finally doing it!

I am not just doing it, I am also assembling it too. (read: I have to put up the office myself with bear hands...thanks to modern consumerism with no customer service whatsoever) To celebrate this moment of self-empowering, I have taken some photos.

In one hour, I have turned this...

...into this.

It doesn't look much like an office for the 'cat business'? How about now?

The process of putting up my office got me thinking about two things.

1. Geez, how much I enjoy doing actual things with hands for myself! It feels so great to be doing something for my own benefit and stop worrying about other people's benefit!

2. No matter how much I try not to think about it. I am my father's daughter. I have never got any training whatsoever on DIY, but there seems to be a build-in part of my brain that tell me exactly what I should do whenever DIY occasions arise. Assembling an office is no big deal, but there have been other occasions to install a lock, fix the cupboard in the kitchen, etc. Maybe what people said is true. 'No matter how much you try not to be, you still got a bit of your parents in you'.

Anyway, now that I have my office, I have to get going to act bring in business. And that's the tough part.