Sunday, May 31, 2009

Homemade Pizza

Yesterday we talked about how knitting got me into the whole new way of living, which I have never imagined before when I first picked up the needles. What have knitting done to you? Please leave a comment.

Today, new way to think about pizza night.

Back then before the birth of crafty me, I would order take away pizza. In Dublin, the price would be around 16 Euros. Now I would make my own for about 4 Euros.

Here is how it goes:

1. Make a dough (I cheated, I used bread machine by I am not a purist homesteader.) and kneed into a circle. = less than 1 Euro

2. Shamrock Tomato Puree - support local product. = less than 1 Euro

3. Go around and put on the dough.

4. Put mushrooms that happened to be in my fridge. = less than 1 Euro

5. Cheese from the fridge. = less than 1 Euro

6. Put basils from my veggie garden. = can't put a price on it, I mean I did pay for the dirt and stuff, never mind.

7. Ta-da!

I know some of the crafty reader among you will say, 'hey, it is really no big deal, homemade pizza.' Guess what? I totally agree with you and that's the whole point of it. It is no big deal! But why didn't we do that before? And why most people out there don't do that? People would rather, spend that 16 Euros ordering pizza from the chain started with an 'A' if they are in Dublin (and honestly doesn't taste very good and we all know that), than making it themselves.

With the whole financial crisis caused by the questionable economic model, we should really all sit down and think, do we really need to keep on spending money? What have these delusional believes that we are free because we have a job, we have a salary, we can spend money the way we want, got us into? A house full of stuff that we might not need; 8 to 10 hours a day of servitude; to some of us - a debt. Instead, we could live our life in true freedom with stuff that we only need in the house; spend less money by thrift shopping, make do and mend; work less to fit in your own schedule so that you can spend more time outside with the wonderful sunshine and sea breeze, your family or your pets. Look at all these, the fact that I have to worry how my business is going constantly, might just be worthy...