Friday, May 29, 2009

Yarn Hunt in Paris

I was in Paris the whole last week to get some medical things done. The almost non-existence of health care in this country makes me realise how close I feel to my adopted country - France, where people are helpful, non-judgemental and smiley in health care sectors. Most importantly, you don't have to pay very much. My adventurous years in France deserves another blog by itself, but today we are going to talk about yarn!

If you were going to Paris, La Droguerie is a must to visit. Since photo-taking is not allowed, I can only tell you, you have to go, just go! They only sell their own brand of yarn and there are piles and piles of quilt fabric if you are into that. There are also huge selection of beads, buttons, ribbons. It is a crafter heaven. What I got this time is 100g (yes, they sell yarn by weight) of Laine de Terroir from France. The wool is a bit of the rough side but I love the character of it. Plus, comparing to the wool from Ireland, it is so much softer, so I knitted up a hat quickly in a few days, I call it Terroir.

I swear the following two photos are not posed, it just happened.

(Attention to cat lovers in Dublin: This little kitten is being fostered at my home for 4 more weeks, after that he will be ready to be rehomed by DSPCA. If you are falling in love with him, please be in touch, he is a lovely guy who loves loads of attention and love, he wouldn't leave me alone, so if you are looking for a lap cat, he is the one.)

Of course, there is always Larmlarm the King...