Monday, February 25, 2008

Kitty Knits

I have found this book today.

It is comforting to know that I am not crazy...

There are other Cat Knitters out there who love cats as much as I do! For cat sake, there is one who wrote a book about knitting things for cat!

Browsing the review of this book on Amazon, I have found one more Cat Knitter by accident, that's her review:

This lovely 80-page paperback is organized into three sections of projects: Projects for Cats (cats, of course, comes first!) -- 7 projects, including catnip mice and other toys, and beds.... ; Projects for People -- 8 lovely garments: sweaters, slippers, hats, scarves, socks, all with cat motifs of different sorts knit into them. Some have multi-color motifs, some are lace or textured stitches that are cat-related... all are beautiful (my favorite to look at are the Felted Furry Kitty-Cat Slippers, just adorable and funny); and the last section is Projects for the Home -- 5 fun projects, including a bag and a pillow and a lovely baby blanket. The book ends with Techniques, Abbreviations, Resources, and About the Author. This book will appeal to cat lovers not only for the great projects they can knit, but because it is jam-packed with fabulous cat photos! (Check out her blog on

Sounds interesting, isn't it?

Ahem, 'To whom it might concern: This book is on my wishlist, so....thanks in advance.' I will be reviewing this book once I got it myself.

I TOTALLY agree cats come first and more importantly...