Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spinning Class

I have attended a spinning class some weeks ago at This Is Knit. Yes, it’s been some weeks ago and I haven’t been motivated enough to put all the photos on my blog.

Actually, they are not really my photos after all, I got all these photos from a fellow French knitter Lauréole.

I swear, I was very well prepared to charge my camera the night before so that I could take photos for me and fellow knitters / spinners in class. So what happened? I forgot the camera in the charger of course! Anyway, thank you very much Lauréole.

In fact, I have read some information on the internet about spinning already before I went to the class. I have even tried once after getting some tips from Lindy. But without somebody who actually tell you how all your fingers should move (in this case, fellow Dublin knitter Diane is the 'somebody'), it was somehow different.

Look at us, patiently listen to the instruction. From left to right, we have Laura, Yarncat and Lisa.

Soon after, I was spinning like wind!

We had tea and chat and so much fun. All in all, it was such a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Fellow Dublin knitters, if you are not sure if you should be joining this class, see what I got after the class?

Close up to see it more clearly how fine the yarn spun up? I am surprised I am able to make such fine yarn!!!

You might wonder what am I going to do with all these handspun? I think I am going to pile them and will try to see if it is enough to make a pair of gloves or something...Will definitely keep you guys posted.

Interested to get some handspun? Check that out with Lisa.


Tjhia said...

Hi Alice,

Long time no see! How are you? It is nice to see that your life in Dublin plus you knit life is so good! I am very happy for you! and I must tell you that your knit work are terrific!

Keep in touch!

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