Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP Day Dublin

Yesterday was the long-waited WWKIP Day Dublin.

Knitters from all corners of Ireland and some even from outside Ireland gather together at St Stephen's Green for a lovely afternoon knitting, eating, spinning, or just hanging out.

There was Satu from Finland who came to Dublin for a weekend holiday and joined us for the WWKIP Day since she missed the one in Helsinki!

Lindy is the knitter, spinner extraordinaire, she was working on a cat scarf using cat hair from a persian cat, handspun on her wheel with cat paw pattern. Plus, guess what? She bought a potato spindle!

See? It proves Irish people use potato in everything!!!

All in all, it was so much fun to see all the knitters gather together in the usual causal environment. It is so weird that we just sit together and talk to each other like we are old friends though we met each other just now.

After yesterday, I got 4 new friends on my ravelry list, tips from Lindy on spinning, and fun time that I will remember for a long time...

Look at that! The handspun yarn I tried at home myself before yesterday...

See? It was all uneven and overtwisted. Basically, a lump of twist lying together...

After yesterday having the tips from Lindy...

(sorry for the cat leg again, he seems to like to be on a photo with yarn for some reason...)

It is now all even and nice and yarn-looking...This much of yarn is spun only since last night when I got home from WWKIP Day! Can you believe I spent 3 days to spin the lump of twist before?

Apart from the demostration, one of the main point Lindy told me about spinning is = relax! She kept saying, 'you are probably too nervous, you have to relax...' It is ironically hard for me. I grew up believing in 'working at something' to achieve my goal, so I tended to all tense up and work at things that sit ahead of me. Not with spinning. You have to relax and let the feeling of your fingers guide you, it is such a big lesson for me. Maybe it is

a sign for me somehow that I need to do that in other things in life too?


Lindy said...

I am very impressed by your handspun yarn! Well done!

alicia said...

yarn cat is yarn cat, i see your cat's leg on photo

Yvonne said...

Great job on the yarn!

Sinéad said...

great pics from Saturday, and well done on the spinning!

Máiréad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Máiréad said...

Great to see some pics as I couldn't make it to Dublin

WorstedKnitt said...

The yarn looks great! Well done

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