Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irish Knitter Retreat Report

The retreat is finished.

Are you expecting a photo journal to report the whole trip?

Have I made one?

The answer is no because I was having WAY TOO MUCH FUN to remember to take photos! But the great thing about being with bunch of knitters is, there is always some careful knitters who will do so!

Please check out the link here if you want to see some photos from the retreat. Thanks to Diane who has generously put up on flickr. She has also put in an entry in here if you are interested to read about what crazy stuff we have done.

Here are a few shots of Yarncat in case some of you are interested what I have done in the retreat:

Yarn Quiz (the one in blue top on the left is me): we are supposed to guess which yarn it is from the samples. Did I win anything? Nope. The good news is I don't owe THAT much yarn to know all the yarn on the sample board. Hehe.

Learning to spin on a spinning wheel: One of the fellow knitter is kind enough to have bought a spinning wheel to the retreat so that we can all try out. How do I feel? I feel like I am learning to ride a bicycle again => panic!

Knit: Yes, that's me knitting socks.

Here it is, we are sewing up the blanket.

the finished blanket with one last shot before handing in to Mairead, the owner of Craig Country House.

See? I am touching the blanket once more before letting it go... it was difficult...

Thanking Mairead

All in all, I have a wonderful wonderful weekend with bunch of likeminded people from all walks of lives. We got a mathmatician, a town planner, a IT professor, a civil engineer, an architect, two nurses, and many other Raveler that I haven't even got enough time to know what they do in their lives. Have I mentioned we were all women? So next time, if anyone gives me the knitters-must-be-grandmas-sitting-on-a-rocking-chair shit, I am going to so give out to them. (Not that there is anything wrong to be a grandma sitting and knitting on a rocking chair to start with!)

Now the difficult part is to wait until next year retreat arrives...

PS. The country house is a very nice place to stay and the host family is very friendly and caring. So if anyone of you want to experience Irish countryside and want to be away from touristic things, you should definite consider it.