Sunday, October 12, 2008

Irish Knitters Retreat - ready to go!

I am so excited! After waiting for so many months, it is finally here! Irish Knitters Retreat!
Stress has been kicking in to make sure I have got enough knitting, yarn, tools, drinks, etc for the trip to come.

We are all supposed to make up a square especially for this trip so that all the sqaures will be sewed up together to make a blanket for this trip as a memory.

I have been trying very hard to think of what to make! Something that represent me and some new technique that I have never tried before...

Here is the result...

No, I am joking! It was the back of my square using intrasia technique. It is my first intrasia project ever. Here is the front:

Look, it is even better after blocking...

Actually, I have kind of cheated since it is not me who have done the design, it is you-know-who (note to those who don't know: the man who is the graphic designer behind YarnCat).

So what does this square said about me? Here is the official entry to the booklet of the retreat I have handed in:

My square has a white background with intarsia cats in purple and green on it. The reason I chose this pattern is very simple: I love cats, I am working on getting a qualification to be Cat Behaviourist. The choice of colour: Purple is the colour of Bauhinia, which is the emblem of Hong Kong and green is for the Shamrock; the symbol of Ireland. It is my first intarsia project so far.

I wonder what will it look like after all of the square got sew up together and how will the trip turns out. Check this space for updates after this weekend.