Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it just me?

When I first started up this blog, I had an intention to talk strictly only about two things: My knitting and cats. The reason is I don't want to get too opinionated and then get angry messages from strangers and all that (you know how it is like on internet nowadays, don't you?)

However, I think I am over it. I am over the fact that there are always people who have nothing better to do than to send you a 'YOU SUCK' message on your blog, no constructive purpose whatsoever.

My sister's blog was number 2 on top 10 blogger two days ago. She got, of course, a lot of heart warming readers, including finding her kindergarten friend back through that. However, as you can already imagine, she got 'you suck and why don't you spend time doing something to save the miserable lives on earth' messages. (I swear I quote the above message!)

I wonder why this person sit his/her ass in front of the computer, sending message to stranger, asking them to 'save the miserable lives on earth', instead of moving his/her ass out of the house and REALLY save those lives him/herself?! Buddy, it is only a blog about knitting and living in Paris as a foreigner. You have a blog, I have a blog, many of us have a blog nowadays, chill the crap out, ok? If you don't like what you see, just click on the top right corner on your screen for PC-user and top left corner on your screen for Mac-user, close the window. It's easy, try that...ciao!

It then brings down to the knitting-related topic. Let's see, how many of you (I assume most of you if not all of you are knitters reading my blog, why else you will read about me?!) got the following conversation at some point in your knitting life?

Stranger/Colleague/someone else: What are you doing there?

Me/You/Knitters: I am knitting. (Thought, I am not swimming, ain't I?)

Stranger/Colleague/someone else: Geez, I thought nobody does that anymore, it's beautiful, my grandma used to....(blah blah blah, omitable)...but I won't have time for this.

I don't know about you, I can't help but wonder (Yes, I sound like SATC now, didn't do that on propose I swear), how do I have time then? Honestly, I have a full-time job, a part-time course, a cat to take care of, am thinking of start up a cat sitter business, I finish a pair of socks in a week JUST using bus-riding time (only 30 minutes from home to office one way)!

Are people that busy nowadays? Or is it just me to notice that these people are actually watching crap TV 3 hours a day and complain about not having time to care about others, spend more time with kids, knit, call their parents, and other nice and important things? Is it just me to notice how much time they spend on the bus reading gossip magazine and staring at the free newspaper full of crap?

I must be honest with you now that I don't owe a TV and I haven't bought newspaper or get free ones for 8 years now. I am not saying it to show that I am holier than someone, I am saying that to show that I might be FREE-R than someone.

I don't owe a TV because I have spent 23 years living in a city where there are TVs everywhere! I mean, seriously, everywhere! Bus, taxi, mini-van, some lifts, on the street, not kidding. So I figure I can do with some peace at home. I love movies and documentaries, I did Film Studies for two terms in college, I watch DVDs, that's all I need.

I don't buy newspapers because 8 years ago I had a conversation with my oil-painting teacher. He said, 'I don't buy newspaper, I prefer to read books, I prefer to be able to choose what I like to read,' everyone in the class was amazed and asked 'how do you know what is happening in the world,' he said (and I remember all my life), 'believe me, you will know. If it is really important, you will know even without buying newspaper, if you don't know them, they are probably not important'.

I tried for 8 years and believe me, he was right. Every day, I know what is happening in the world by hearing from people. If it is something important, then it will be on the top of the page on google if you want to look into it and search for the information.

Believe me, with the free time coming out from gossip, ad, unnecessary information from TV and newspaper, you will have so much more time to care about others, knit or send 'you suck' messages to people's blog if that's what you want or 'spend time doing something to save the miserable lives on earth' or whatever.

NB: No judgement on those of you who love TV, gossip magazine, newspaper and stuff, I am just saying I don't and how do I manage to have time, so if you want to send me angry message on this subject, maybe you REALLY can save time by not doing it, see?

(Larm said: Be nice to each other, I am watching you, maow!)


Bionic Laura said...

I know what you mean about the tv. When you switch it off you gain so much time. I hate people telling me they're too busy to knit and that I must have so much time and aren't I great. It's so patronizing. As you say people devote hours to watching X-factor or some rubbish on tv then can't understand where you get time to knit.

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tichat said...

Hello !!
Nice cat! it seems to wear khôl around his eyes.... amazing!