Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Animal CSI Workshop

I have attended the Animal CSI Workshop organized by DSPCA last Friday.

I actually almost couldn't make it because all the admin people in the office are either on holiday or sick. But as I said, my boss is the nicest boss ever, he let me go and do receptionist himself. See? I am not happy with my work not because of the people nor the stuff I do. I am ok with that. It is the whole corporate way that makes everyone the same that pisses me off. My boss is a kind man and he offered to do that because there was not many people in the office that Friday and he was the boss in the office. I am sure if he was travelling and I would ask the second-in-charge, he would have said no. (It has actually happened before) Because in the corporate world, everyone is trying to cover their arses. I am not blaming them because they are victims themselves - bi-product of the corporate way of management, making everyone generic. Anyway, I hate you Corporate World!

Back to about the workshop...

It was such a great feeling again to be with a room full of people who all cares about animal cruelty. There were vets, vet nurses, cops, social workers, SPCA inspectors, etc. I felt so at ease to be with these people. And for once, I am not the 'weird one' who cares about the animal.

I was listening to the lecture from 9-5, I didn't feel one second sleepy or bored or anything that like (unlike the time in the Corporate). I was so excited that I almost couldn't even eat my lunch. I was also knitting while listening to the lecture, no one stared at me nor asked silly questions. Then I started day dreaming about if IT is my life, a life as self-employed an animal behaviourist, going to conferences, lectures, cat-sitting that fit into my schedule, knitting while doing all that. That's not too bad at all! I need to have a life like that!

Then come Monday, back to the Corporate, feeling worse than ever, it's like people giving prisoner a taste of freedom and lock them back in. That's how I feel, I feel worse than before. The urge to get out of here is bigger than ever.