Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Corporate so-called care to the community

I have told you, the 'What-the-f...' corporate moments just keep coming up. Maybe it is me. Well, it is me who got really pissed off by the system and seeing more pissed off things everywhere.

Today we have been told that we are encouraged and entitled to two days off per year, to volunteer in organisation that is working on aspects in the community that the corporate committed to. (The last sentence is a bit long and difficult to understand, right? See what we have to put up with sometimes with these corporate people). Or you can claim the hours of other causes that you are passionate about. The reason is of course they care about the community, also they can claim the hours we work in those organisations as expenditure.

I have been volunteering in the animal rescue shelter for a few months now, so I spoke up and said, well, you guys can claim my hours and I got the days off.

Guess what they said? (I swear, I have all respect to the person who said that coz he is one of the best boss I have ever had) They are not sure if animal rescue is along the line of 'caring about the community'.

I am not fresh out from college, of course I understand the whole thing behind all these committment to the community blah blah is about corporate images and stuff. But 'animal rescue is not along the line of caring about the community' is just too much for me to take in under my current 'anti-corporate' mood.