Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi after so long!

Hi everyone! (if there is still anyone out there)

Sorry for not blogging for soooooooo long. It's been really busy for the past few months as I started my cat care business since last post.

Nothing is really stable yet and I am still worried about how money is going to come in and more importantly go out.

Also, I got married a few weeks back, so it has all been crazy over at Yarncat's home!

Since I am a professional cat sitter now which means I will not be able to travel on holiday seasons, so I decided to take a break after the past few months of hard work.

I haven't done much knitting neither, but I am catching up big time. If you keep an eye on this space, tons of finished knitting projects will come up.

I started my holiday by going to Cork with my new husband.

On the way to Heuston Station, we realised there was no Luas, we didn't know what it was, we decided to walk, then we were stopped by something...

...Dublin Marathon.

It was impossible to cross the this crowd, so we waited...

I got really excited by the festive atmosphere and started taking photos for everyone...

...but the Man was annoyed...

Finally we did get to Cork...

By the time we got there, it was kind of dark already, but I know what is important, I went to Vibes and Scribes.

I got some corn fiber yarn and some alpaca yarn, my knitting inspiration started to come back to me and it turned out to be a series of incidents when whole bunch of knitting started to rush back into my life...(to be continued)