Friday, November 20, 2009

Yarncat Fiber Trip 2009(1) LYS in Tallinn, Estonia

So I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia.

Growing up in the 80s, I spent my childhood watching Estonian rally to fight for their independance on the TV. Little Yarncat thought, 'this place seems to be so cold and so much chaos, I will NEVER go to places like that...' But you can never know in life. It turns out I met an Estonian girl the first day I arrived in Paris to start my European life. We have been good friends ever since. She has been asking me to go there to visit for years but I have yet done so. Now that I have decided to go on the self-employed path, I have more flexibility on my schedule. I can decide whenever I want to be on holiday. So there I go, to Tallinn to see my friend (and yarn...).

My fiber trip started from Tallinn, Estonia.
The first day I arrived to Tallinn, my friend (non-knitter) was already very well aware of the purpose of my trip===> YARN!

So my friend brought me here...

The lady who runs the shop is amazing knitter (she was knitting when I got in) and they have a huge selection of yarn from different nordic countries, Estonia, Norway, Finland, etc. The atmosphere in the shop is very nice and modern. Half of the shop is devoted to sell knitted items, Estonian shawl, sweater, hats, etc.

The shop is very crochet-friendly and felting-friendly as well. There are a lot of felting fiber and felting finished products on display.

To be honest with you, I don't remember EXACTLY the address of Joller Craft and Wool since it is in the Old Town and all the little streets are very confusing. But I can tell you it is around Väike-Karja. Go and ask people around that area, it really worths the while because the surprise is...there are two shops across the street of each other!

Across Joller, there is another yarn shop which is more old-fashioned, there are a lot of novelty yarn and stuff. But if you are into stocking up on needles, they have a huge selection upstairs. You have to ask the people downstairs to show you up in their warehouse. Addi Turbo is like 4 Euros a pair.


Susann said...

Nice to see you're back home!
We avoided the other yarnstores, so there was no temptation to buy more than we could carry home.
Did you ever make it to Olde Hansa restaurant?

Yarn Cat said...

Hi Susann,
Glad to see you here!
I don't know how you do it, but how can you avoid other yran store?
Also, I went to was really difficult when you are in a 'knitting' country.
Olde Hansa was great! I really like it.
I hope we will have more time to hang out together next time!

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