Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shamrock Bibs

Today is a beautiful Sunday, the sun is shining. When the sun is up, it just makes people feel more motivated in doing things. So I decide to be a better blogger from now on.

The thing is, it is not that I didn't try to be a good blogger before, it is just that the whole blogging thing is rather new to me. I know, it is not really new, it's been around for a few years now, but I never really read other people's blog much, I am more of a book person, I like to feel the paper and all.

But knitting brought me to Ravelry and to the rest of the internet knitting community. I kinda know what a blog is like but knitblog is then another thing. I had no idea what people usually expect to see on a knitblog. These few days, I read a bit of other people's blog and kinda have an idea. I realise picture is very important. Correction: FUNNY picture. And maybe a bit about one's life as well to put environmental picture of the speaker. Leave a comment if you have any other suggestion or advices.

Back to business, FO is up!!

Tomorrow is the coming-back day of a colleague after her maternity leave. She has been away for as long as I joined the company, which is almost a year ago. I have met her a few things in company functions during her leave. Since I am going to be working closely with her, so I figured I might as well make her baby something as a friendly gesture. (it is not just all about being nice, to be honest. It is also for the fact that I am curious about making baby thing since I have never made any before.) So that's what I made:

Yes, it is a bib. The pattern is inspired by Baby Bib O'Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Since I am in Ireland, of course I am going to put a shamrock on it for a blessing to the baby girl.

Ok, I heard what you said just now! You said I should have shown you the process of the making-of the bib, like what we have discussed before. Yes, but guess what? It is impossible! Why? I finished it in NO TIME! Really!

I casted on this while waiting for the bus to go to the town yesterday Saturday morning. I knitted all the way on the bus to the town, then on the way back, then the afternoon, I finished it before I went to bed last night! It is such an easy pattern and it turns out lovely for a baby gift. Very practical as well and I love practical.

THOUGHT warning is here: Button holes are bitch (I am sure you know it already, just that it is my first time to make button holes) I don't know how did it happen but maybe it was my choice of button (it is a little pink flower, look carefully), the 'flower petal' on the little flower buttons just kept tangling with the yarn around the original simple eyelet button holes I made!

I could have just leave it, but imagine a baby struggling to be rid of the bib, food, her mum, no less. How can the mum put the bib on if the darn flower petal keep getting into the yarn? I am a considerate person, so I decided to do something to save the mum from this problem or my bib being disgarded to the bottom of the drawer.

Yes, I ran yarn all the way around the holes to make them into more of a REAL button hole. I am sure it is some sort of embroidery stitch or something, but I have no idea, I just did it with my instinct.

I know I know, details details details make better blog, here you go:

Dear knitters, if you know of any other way to make button holes that look more like button holes, especially on baby stuff where the mum has like only 3 seconds to put the darn thing on before the baby starts screaming, please leave a comment, so far, you have seen my current solution.

So will the mum colleague like it? Will see tomorrow.

You might ask how did I get the shamrock pattern? Nowhere, I just made it up as I went and it turned out ok. It is just one of those time when you have the free-knitting power. But if there is anybody interest, I could write it down somewhere, leave me a message.

Preview: Booking review - Mason Dixon Knitting, you heard me enough talking about stuff I made from this book, I figure why don't I just talk about this book so that you know what it is all about? I will do that tomorrow (or the next day, whenever I can make myself sit in front of the computer for one hour doing all the links and stuff...)


Sinéad said...

Your bib is lovely, really cute and girly. I'd love to know how to do better buttonholes too; mine are always too small. :(


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