Thursday, April 10, 2008

FOs - 7, 8

Last Christmas is my first Christmas as a real knitter, so you can imagine how excellent I was and wanted to knit all the gifts! Plus, I was back then alone in Dublin, it gave me something to do in the evening than to watch the American reality TV crap.

I have made Grace the shawl and the two scarves that I have talked about earlier plus the followings:

Mason Dixon Dishclothes -- to my man's godmother, so quick to make up one, I love the project, I have used Rowan Handknit Cotton, very lovely colour.

Then I have decided to try my luck on crochet, I heard so many things about crochet and there are more and more knitters who crochet too! So I have made these.

Cat Face Potholder -- FO to MIL, she is a crazy cat lover. The pattern is inspired by skull potholder in Happy Hooker.

Cat Paw Coaster -- After making the potholder, I was inspired to make a small version - a coaster!

Preview: Knitting took on its live, can't stop knitting! FO 9, 10!