Friday, April 11, 2008

FO - Part Nine

FO 9 is another pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. I follow their Moderne Log Cabin Blanket without following their size nor yarn requirement. It turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted. I called it a TV blanket coz it is what we use in front of the TV, me, my man and my cat all cover up under this blanket. We are using it every day. That's one thing about Mason Dixon Knitting book, they are making things that you can probably use daily, making knitting more than just these nice fancy stuff that feel untouchable.

The pattern calls for garter stitches so it is a rather easy project and you can get to learn picking up stitches if you have never done that before. Believe me, it will take on a life of its own, sooner than you realise, you will start making other blankets. I am planning on a Maple Leaves blanket that works with picking up stitches to form a maple leaf pattern. I am still working out how it works...

It is amazing, I didn't even like art classes that much when I was little if I remember correctly. Once the whole knitting thing has brought out my unknown creativity. I mean, I have done some oil painting and it was fine but I have never had so much urge and ideas to create ever before. This is fascinating.

The reason that I am talking about this is, I got a book today (again!) and it is about another form of craft.

I have done so braiding at some point in my life when I was little and have never imagined that I will ever done that again. I got this book not because I am moving on to do braiding, but have realize braiding and knitting are probably cousins in some ways. I learn that Estonian integrate braiding into their knitting as a mean to decorate their handknits. This book provides a very good reference on making braids (as I don't have much knowledge myself), I mean there are 200 braids to choose from on this book to decorate your knitting, who wouldn't jump on the occasion?

And if you have read my earlier entry, this braid book might have provided a solution for my almost FO Afterdark Nightie! YES! I am going to find a braid from this book and make the strap! Hope it will work. If it does, will put photo of the final real FO here.

Now that I get to think about it, I didn't enjoy art class when I was little, it was probably because the class itself was really boring. The form of teaching didn't really encourage creativity. It was all rules and requirement written down on the blackboard before starting up the class and we were supposed to do something according to these 'specs'. How would a kid feel like creating by filling up all these 'specs'? It turns out, thanks to the rigid education system in Hong Kong, we have a town full of hardworkers who are good in time management; who are the best people ever in service industry; who have no creativity to a point that people look at me confused why I have ever considered moving to another country to live and travel around. Again, fascinating.

Preview: FO 10 - Clapotis!!!