Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FO - Garden Socks + Mason Dixon Nightie

Last weekend, I have finally got myself together to finish two items!

Garden Socks: Yarn used - Lorna Lace Shepherd Sock, pattern from Cat Bordhi's Spiraling Master Coriolis

I have made a pair of basic socks to my man some months ago. This is my first sock projects that have patterns, it has been a good learning experience for me. The outcome is so beautiful that I would want to wear it as soon as possible. However, the second sock is a bit looser knitted than the first one, so I will probably re-do the cuff in the coming days. But I can confirm you yet again, handknitted socks are way better and way more comfortable than commercial socks in the market. I can understand why some knitters are totally addicted to make them. They are warm and nice and very portable to work on in public. Plus, one more cool thing is, you can count how many shocking faces you can encounter on the bus per day when you pull the sock out of your bag and start knitting it!

Mason Dixon Nightie
: Yarn used - Jaeger Siena, pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting

I have started knitting the main pieces during my flight back to Paris last Christmas. The pattern is not as difficult as it looks like, it was my first lace project and I got to finish the first bottom lace pattern while just waiting for boarding in Dublin Airport. I finished the whole thing up pretty quickly EXCEPT the straps...

I have been dragging to do the straps for months! My first attempt was to find real bra straps as suggested in the book. Then I realise you might get a better chance to buy whatever antique underwear you like than looking for that. It looks like Trimmings and Haberdashery is again another dying business in the modern world.

I was not alone. By checking on Ravelry, there are other knitters who have decided to get a hold of the project by them hands and use substitutes. Then I tried to make I Cord. I got myself a French Knitting Nancy and started to make I Cord but the yarn just kept jumping out from the darn thing! (If there is anybody who can explain me why, please leave a comment! I need help on that for next time! Was it the yarn that is too slippery or I have done something wrong with the Nancy?)

Finally, I got inspiration from the book that I talked about earlier on '200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop, or Weave', so I decided to make braids. This book is amazing, there are so much information about different ways to make braids and there are 200 samples of end products as well! Total eye-opening experience. So here is the final product...(please clap your hands!)

I finally realise the power of form fitting! The whole nightie is sitting so close to my skin that it feels like a second skin. Believe you, it does make you sleep better! The piece is not yet blocked, since I was too excited to wear it. The stitches will probably look even better after blocking.