Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bull Island + Sock in Greystones

It was a long weekend in Ireland last weekend with the bank holiday Monday, plus, it was sunny! It is very rare here! So we decided to walk around a bit in Dublin area.

Bull Island is a 15 minutes walk place from our apartment. It is difficult for you to imagine, but with 15 minutes walk, you can't feel you are in Dublin anymore. This is one charm of Dublin -- nature is not very far from the city.

And then Monday, we have decided to continue to take advantage of the good weather to go to Greystones, a beach area south of Dublin, 45 minutes to one hour on Dart (regional railway).

Isn't it lovely? Though, if you pay attention to the photo, bad sign is coming. Fog started to pull in and the gray area on the top right corner of the photo is not a technical problem, it is because we are in Ireland!

Anyway, since we were there, we took advantage of it and found out a lovely lovely restaurant -- the Summerville.

They serve home country cooking which I love very much, very reasonable price and they have this nice back garden where you could eat with flowers and colourful tables.

With such a nice environment, I couldn't help myself to take a photo of my colourful sock with the colourful garden background!

The pattern of the sock is from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One and I am using Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock colour uptown girl. It is the first sock I knitted for myself. Hopefully it is going to work out alright. This book is really really a must have for all sock knitters, you have everything you need to know about sock knitting there, toe up, top down, different gauge, thin foot, fat foot, re-enforced heels, etc etc. This book is amazing. However, the most amazing thing is, there are supposed to be 3 books from this series. I asked HOW? There are already tons of information from Book One that most knitters have never thought of! HOW ON EARTH CAN THERE BE TWO MORE? Let's wait and see!

When we were all happy and well fed, then the weather turned bad --> typical Irish...

Though the weather turned a bit bad at the end and then there was an accident on the Dart that we had to take the bus and transfer to another bus to be able to get home. It was a lovely trip. I would definitely go there again!


alicia said...
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alicia said...

woowowo, so beautiful landscape, i would love to do a painting with you there if the weather is nice

Yarn Cat said...

The weather is never nice, that's the issue.

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