Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Customer!!

YOHO! We have the first customer on our Yarn Cat Online Store!!!

It is my dear friend Roy C who is a total sweetheart to have ordered an organic Yarn Cat tee!

He is also a total sweetheart to have sent us the photos of first moment upon arrival, let's take a look!

This one with Mr Stuffed Animal

And this one with a gun...

This one is a close-up on the Yarn Cat logo...

Ok, enough photos, let's listen to his preview on the first trial on the T-shirt...

' Hey

The texture is nice. I never feel that comfortable....



So if you like the logo, please click on the Yarn Cat Online Store; if you don't like the logo, please do leave a comment, we will be interested to know. We are working on adding on different Yarn Cat theme logo, e.g. Yarn Cat spinning, Yarn Cat running with Larmlarm the cat/king, Yarn Cat chased by Larmlarm the cat/king, etc...So please leave a comment.

By the way, if there is anyone of you interested in getting your own knitblog logo, please contact me, we will see if we will be able to help.

About my dear friend Roy, he is very interested in picking up knitting again as well! He has learnt knitting many years ago. Again, like most of the stories we heard around, since he is a boy so he didn't really knit anything because afraid of the teasing he would get from people around. But I have been encouraging him to pick up again and told him there are a lot of men around knitting nowadays. Hopefully he will join us soon and will have a knitblog that I can link to! Roy, thank you for your support to Yarn Cat and start knitting!!!


Anonymous said...

Heyhey. Yes I do encourage people to try using product made with organic material. It feels really different on the skin. Imagine the wind blowing to you and you are wearing this T shirt. I hope that wearing organic materials will become the next trend.

Good work to your logo! I really like it

and I am happy that you like the photos.

Yes I will pick up knitting soon after my exams in Paris. Hope people from around the world can share with me their experience.

Use organic wool! (are the sheep still organic by the way? :)

Yarn Cat said...

Actually it is a current point of discussion in the fiber arts community to take about using organic stuff.
I have got some Rowan organic cotton recently and it DOES feel the difference, it is a lot softer.
There is organic wool too just that it is still difficult to look for it at this stage. But I am sure the day will come that yarn companies will realize our need and start marketing organic products.

Anonymous said...

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