Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wild Fibers Magazine

I just discovered Wild Fibers Magazine recently.

Some background story, I have never been a big fan of all the high street fashion/beauty/women magazine. But from time to time, when I feel like buying a magazine for looking at the photos and stuff, I will buy one or two fashion/beauty/women magazine.

But last time, there was a sudden enlightening moment! I was looking through a Glamour or Cosmo or whatever. (I don't even remember, they are more or less the same, how on earth we can remember which is which anyway.) I suddenly realised there is actually NOTHING I am interested to read about from that thing! I won't buy those clothes coz they are not my section talking about hunting the right guy in a pub, doesn't concern a sugar-baby...what the...?

So I decided not to buy these crap again! But what am I supposed to do if I want to read a magazine? It was before my knitting life reborn, so I didn't know what to do! But then again, since I felt bored at night being alone in Dublin at that time that I picked up knitting again! So afterall, maybe I should thank those magazines which pushed me back to do something more meaningful than reading '10 tricks to please your man' and stuff.

Now that I am knitting and obsessed with everything fiber, I have discovered the world of crafting magazine. Wild Fibers, of course, is one of them.

I have actually heard of this magazine for a while from the knitters, but thought it was basically for breeders who are interested to get trade information about breeding. Until I read a review somewhere saying that it is actually a national-geographic-of-fiber-magazine that I was attracted to look into it, so I decided to contact the magazine and order one issue to have a look. It turns out the review is totally true! There are beautiful photos, stories of fiber people from different countries and a few knitting patterns. It is a perfect choice for people who are interested in armchair travel and fiber arts.