Monday, June 30, 2008


I have given the Shamrock Bibs to the new mum. There is the usual, 'thank you very much'. I always wonder if people really appreciate handknit or they are just trying to be polite. I mean, just go on any knitters forum, you will hear so many people actually secretly think that is 'cheap' to give people handknit instead of 'real gift' from expensive stores (read: Brown Thomas in Ireland; Le Bon Marche in France, the Lane Crowford in Hong Kong). I don't know what the new mum really thinks, but I am happy to have done that anyway.

Another happy news is, since the new mum is back, I am going to be a bit less busy and can concentrate more on my own job since I was sharing her workload during her maternity leave. While I was happy for this change, the bad news is, I have probably got a cold from the man. So we made some Irish Coffee. Or was it supposed to be Hot Whisky? I have no idea. Fellow Irish knitters, please confirm which is the one that cure cold, or both?

I know I said I was going to do Mason Dixon Knitting review, but I am at the edge of knocking my head to the wall because of the headache (no, I am not drunk from the Irish Coffee), alright, I will do that tomorrow.

To end with a funny note, here is an incredible solution to make sure the CDs, DVDs and books stand straight on a shelf.

The Big Boss Man said, 'back off!'


Sinéad said...

It's a hot whiskey that's the cold cure. With some brown sugar to sweeten if preferred and a clove. But, as there's whiskey in an Irish coffee, it'll do the trick just as well!
Get well soon!

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