Friday, June 6, 2008

'Technical issue' + WWKIP Day countdown

You might notice (if you are reading this blog frequently which I doubt since almost nobody ever leave a comment!) that I haven't been updating my blog much last week. This is because my workplace has a new policy regarding to internet access. Any address that links to a blog will be filtered, so I couldn't update my blog as frequently as I hope for. But I will try my best to update as frequently as possible in the evening.

A few highlights:

1. My sister has finally casted on her first 'coming back' item - Swiss Cheese Scarf, please check here to see her story of struggling to get her hands back on the craft.

2. EXCITING EXCITING! WWKIP Knitting Picture Scavenger Hunt 2008 will officially start tonight midnight! There will be a week to finish the tasks. I am still a bit 'knitting shy' at this stage (I am not a shy person but I am shy to knit in public and people ask me knitting questions), so I guess this is a great opportunity for me to really get my knitting self out and face the public. So the coming week, I will try to upload the photos daily, that I will be taking in public with all sort of folks with my WIPs. This is going to be so much fun and keep an eye on this space.