Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not happy with Lucky

Continue with the last post, what the hell is the sleeve doing there?
Yes, I haven't been talking about this project at all, I have been hiding from you guys about this project.

The story is when I first decided that I need a cardigan, I went through the limited knitting books I had at that stage (don't dare to look at how many books I have now on my Ravelry account, yes don't) It was few months ago after I have successfully finished my first sweater for the man. It was also the time when I first got my Ravelry account. So to try out the wonderful world of Ravelry, I have searched for this pattern and see what other fellow knitters talk about it. It turned out a lot of knitters said similar things like, 'don't do it, you will like the finished project, but it will drag on for so long that you wish you didn't start the project' Some others also warn that the pattern is not super clear. This project is called Lucky and many of us are not very lucky with it ironically.

I wasn't sure, I was a rather new knitter, so I decided to try...

Turns out, it's been 4 months, that's what I got:

And these...(don't ask me about the cat, I don't know why he seems to have some sort of detector to know 'there is a knitting picture taken, I gotta go and step on the knitting RIGHT NOW MAOW' then there he is again...)

See? Think I am almost there? No, I don't think so. Accordingly to the comments on Ravelry, it is going to take a long time for the strap and all and got tons of finishing to do as well. One more thing, if you will ever knit this pattern, please check out Stephanie's solution to the confusion of the decreases on the front. It is very handy solution indeed.

Back to the beginning, why did I hide this project? Because I was freaked out. I wasn't even sure that I was going to be able to progress, less finish it.
Then why am I talking about it now? Because my sister recently complained that I don't talk about my WIPs on my blog enough and it is boring to see only the FOs. She also said that it is interesting to hear about different knitting stories no matter with good FOs or not, since people can learn from mistakes. Well, that's why I am trying to write about this tricky WIPs. So tell me about it, do you enjoy reading about that?


Sinéad said...


I completely agree with your sister, I love reading about what people are doing and any good/bad things they have to say. I also think you pick up great tips from people who have changed things when they made the pattern.
Happy knitting!


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