Friday, March 28, 2008

Aran Islands - Part One

So after we had a very nice power breakfast sitting next to the seaview windows, we started our excursion on Aran Islands. We rented two bikes and intended to explore the island by ourselves instead of joining the bus tour.

It was tough, well, at least to me, for a few reasons. There are actually quite a few slopes on the island and the wind can be very strong sometimes.

But I have never seen comparable scenery in my life before, along the coast, I got a few photos...

One cannot visit Inis Mor without stopping by Dún Aonghasa, on the way, there were some very well-kept Celtic crosses...

Then finally we arrived to the cliffs after hours (maybe it wasn't really for hours, but I felt like so) of efforts...

One of the amazing thing I have encountered on the cliffs apart from the cliff itself is that people are so fearless to the height. I personally have tried a few times to approach to the edge to look down or even tried to do like some people crawling on the belly. Still, I couldn't approach closer than 30 cm away from the edge. I can't understand how can people standing right on the edge and looked down! I truly admire those people out of my heart.

Then I saw some couple bringing young children and even babies to the cliff. Honestly, I don't buy the whole 'now-that-I-am-a-parent-but-I-will-do-as-if
-nothing-has-to-change' thing. I am totally for staying hip even after having children, but there is still certain limits though. It is really dangerous as you can see on the photo. I, myself as an adult, am freaking out. It is 300 metres down and no protection or anything at all. How can people bring children and babies up there, I find it unbelievable; and in my opinion, very inappropriate. I believe there are certain sightseeing spots for adults exclusively in the world; and being a good parent, no less, should consider all these.

(to be continued...yarn shopping and chat with native knitters on Inis Mor!!!)