Monday, March 24, 2008


I guess not many people are actually reading my blog coz objectively my blog is still quite boring so far. I haven't yet got around to upload any photos since for some reasons, I just HATE uploading and downloading. Everything that deals with loading and waiting for that matter, I just hate it. I don't even download musics and I dont't have an iPod. But this time, I will kinda have to upload some amazing photos I have taken during my trip to Galway and Aran Islands.

We have finally done our first trip in Ireland. Friday the 21, we have arrived in Galway by train. It is amazing to see how different the train system it is in Ireland and in France.

In Ireland, the train ticket didn't give you a fixed seat nor a particular train that you have to take. The ticket we got entitled us to go to Galway and return from the 21 to the 20 next month, that's all. It is actually quite flexible.

The second difference is, the train in Ireland not crowded. It was the Easter weekend that we took the train and returned, but the train was not crowded at all, everybody got to have window seats and their bags sitting with them and relaxed.

Even the train stations are more relaxed. In Ireland, they don't have the freaking announcement telling you to get on the train, 'the last call to Toulouse, it stops at xxx, yyy, zzz'. I guess Irish people are general a bit less relying on other people to help them and take the responsibility of going on the train on time by themselves more. (But then again, I am not going to go into talking about the national nature of these countries, coz I can go on and on for hours.)

Galway is a wonderful city. It is more Irish than Dublin, in my opinion. With all the old stone buildings and all that. It is beautiful.

My plan to get yarn in Galway was unsuccessful due to the fact that Yarn was closed afterall on Good Friday. But that's ok, I will be back to Galway in October for the Irish Knitters Retreat anyway, so that's fine.

(to be continued...'A Knitting Book from 1942'...sorry, I just can't take in the uploading things too much in one shot...)