Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knit Klips

I got it I got it! I got my KnitKlips today first thing in the morning after St Patrick's holiday.

I was trying to sew up my man's sweater, aka. my first sweater ever. Ok, I am not super fond of sewing the thing up, but I don't hate that as much as what I heard from other knitters. But surely, it would have been nicer if the darn sleeve didn't move here and there...

I am going to try to theseKnitKlips to see if it will work better, the size of these klips are bigger and more solid than I thought, should probably work well.

The bad news is, I can't really try that tonight and report back, since I did sew up one sleeve last night and realized the sleeve didn't fit quite well on the sweater. There was just too much fiber and looked totally like a bubble princess sleeve! So I re-read the pattern again and realized I totally misread the pattern for the decreases.

That's ok, live it, learn it...