Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Harmony Interchangeable!

I have finally got my Harmony Interchangeable needles set!!! I ordered it through my mother-in-law in Montreal and she brought it with her last Friday when she arrived to Dublin to visit us.

Didn't try the needles until last night, coz didn't want to look too much like a knitting addict during her visit.
The experience can only be expressed in one word: amazing.

The wood is smooth, the tip is not too pointy but pointy enough, the colour is wonderful. I can't complain too much about the needles. OK! They didn't mark the needles but I have ordered the ID tag as well to stick into each little pocket of the bag as an identification. I think they should have offer the ID tag in the set since they didn't mark the needles.

I personally don't think this set is going to completely replace Denise Interchangeable. I believe they are serving different roles in our knitting life. Denise is quite handy for projects that needed different length of circular and the needles are less pointy which is nicer for certain projects and might be safer to bring on the flight.
I love them both and intended to use them according to different needs. How can one have enough needles in one's life anyway?


alicia said...

so beautiful the needles, i want to have a collection like this too

Chic with Stix said...

I used a label maker to ID the needle sizes on the pouch. I just LOVE my Harmony needles. I can't wait to order more of the cables, since I seem to have a few projects on the go....

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