Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am sure you heard and heard and heard people talking about Ravelry. I have finally got the invitation 5 days ago and logged in 3 days ago.

There is such a complete visual knitting planet on it!

I am completely overwhelmed by all these knitters from every corner of the world. I have joined 21 groups in 3 days and have got tons of information about Ireland from fellow Irish knitters. I hope the website will be fully up and running asap and those people who work very hard behind to get this going will get the merits that they deserved.

If you don't know about Ravelry yet, say, you have been too busy knitting to talk to other knitters or too busy trying to get your cat(s) off your knitting, please click on the little button on the side bar, it will bring you to their site / planet.

Now, I have to spare some knitting and cat touching time to enter all my yarn, needles, WIP and FO information in my profile. My man teased me saying that I should hire a Data-entry Clerk...