Monday, April 28, 2008

FO - Irish Clogs

One more FO - the Irish Clogs!

These clogs are made up using pattern from Fiber Trends. The pattern is so easy to follow, so fast to knit up. The end product is so practical and comfy that I can understand why there are KAL for this pattern everywhere.

I definitely will put this item into my gift list, you know, the kind where you really don't know what to knit for some people and you have to find something urgently, you know what I mean. These clogs are wonderful for that. I finished the pair in two weekends, but I could probably make it quicker now that I am familiar with the pattern.

Plus, you can get to personalize the item by adding decoration on the top of the clogs by needle felting, beading, etc. There are just so many possibilities.

I used Kilcarre Aran Tweed from my stash and added some black yarn from the LYS. The yarn is fine to knit with and it is symbolic to be Irish yarn with Irish colour. However, it is not totally ideal for felting. I don't know if it is me or the yarn, it took quite a while to felt, my man and I were quite confused, it is my first felt project afterall.

I am going to make myself a pair with green as main colour and pink for the sole. You know, have to use as much green as possible in our clothing now that we are in Ireland.

Apologies for the cat again, I just can't get rid of him.