Thursday, April 3, 2008

FOs - Part One

I know I haven't been very good. This is a knitting blog and I have yet been uploading any of my projects on here. The same reason as I have mentioned earlier, I hate uploading photos, it takes forever!

But I am trying to be good now, I am going to go through all of my FOs and WIPs one by one in the coming days (I will try to do that every day I promise). But mind you, the first few FO won't be super fascinating nor fancy. Please bare with me, funnier projects will come in a few days.

Let's talk about the first FO after 10 years without knitting.

Last year around October, it was 4 months after I moved to Dublin. During that period of time, I was commuting between Dublin and Paris as my man and my cat were still in Paris. I was bored, I was alone, I didn't have too much money neither starting up a new life in a new country. I found a bag of yarn at the back of my closet (please refer to earlier entry where this bag of yarn came from). I figured it will save me money on Christmas gift if I make something out of these balls of yarn. I went for what I knew best....scarf. So I knitted up this scarf for my man.

It is just a very simple seed stitches scarf that I knitted up out of the blue using 4 balls of Wendy Mandarin Aran. I believe the yarn is discontinued and there is really nothing special about the yarn nor the pattern. The yarn is pretty rough as well (think 90s before SnB, that's when I got them). But this project brought back my feeling about my knitting and realized how much I liked it, so I called it 'Coming Back Scarf'. You could click here to check out all the details of this project if you are on Ravelry. (And don't forget to add me as a friend there too!)

Preview: Another Christmas scarf before I realise I can't keep knitting scarf and moved on to learn how to knit properly.