Monday, April 14, 2008

FOs - Part Ten

I asked myself, what does it take to make me a REAL knitter? A real knitter like all the happy knitters out there in the knitting planet? A knitting blog? Able to make a sweater? Socks? I have done all of these...what does it really take to make me to be recognised as real knitter.....?

I realise having a Clapotis could probably be one of the item on the list! I am not saying that all the other knitters are not real knitters if they don't have a Clapotis, but for the 'new to the club' ones like me, it is a very quick way to make us feel like we belong...

And more importantly, afterall, it is a beautiful beautiful object to wear!

Guess what? It does make me to be recognized as knitter! I mean physically recognized by other knitters! Other knitters can actually recognized that and come to have a chat. It is so lovely to be able to meet other knitters this way!

I am using this to go to work every day now and twice I got people ask me, 'hey, where did you get that?' (I was waiting for people to ask me!) then I said, 'I made it myself...' 'oh my god, it is unbelievable!' (hehehehe)

Fellow StitchNBitcher Diane even wrote about my Clapotis! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!

Preview: FO 11