Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knitting Cat

This blog is called Yarn Cat and we have been talking about the 'yarn' part of the blog a lot lately while haven't been talking much about the 'cat'.

Today, I get to have an idea to talk about knitting and cats.

Cats and knitting seems to have a very close-knitted (hoho, great choice of word) relationship since the beginning. Remember when you were little, there were always cats playing around a ball of yarn and got stuck in it after a while in different cartoons?

And how about the 'granny' knitting away in a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace and the cat dozing away on her lap?

Have you noticed how often the cats come to sit on your knitting or just sit next to you watching your clicking away your needles?

I guess there is some strong tie between the act of knitting and the character of cats. Cats are comfort animal who constantly look for the most comfortable place to sit in the room. What will be more comforting than sitting your a knitted piece (with great yarn!), watching the repetition of the needles, and most importantly feeling the calm and the serene atmosphere created by the act of knitting and from the knitter?

I can imagine, if cats have fingers that enable them to knit, they would!

Shortsighted Cat Knitting A Sweater 2003 by Lisa Milroy