Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FOs - Part 4, 5, 6

After finishing the simple ribbing prayer shawl, I was determined to make something that is not rectangular to become a real knitter. I have decided to make a sweater, something for myself (didn't know what it was yet), and a pair of socks, coz I believe if I can make a sweater and a pair of socks, then I can call myself a real knitter.

Being the when-there-is-a-problem-there-must-be-a-book-to-read kind of girl, I got a few books.

See? I got a book for socks, a book for making sweater and other things and a book that talked about it during that period of time. The New Pathways for Sock Knitters is truly a must have if you are into making socks. There is all the how-to regarding to make different kinds of socks with increases to be put into different places on a sock. It is very complex yet not difficult to understand. I made my first pair of socks out of the book while there are so much more from the book that I haven't used and I probably won't be able to knit them all in the many years coming! Very inspirational.

Knitter's Handy Book of Pattern, again, a must have if you are into making simple cut things. I think the idea of this book is excellent, you can get to make simple pattern for different sizes with different yarn, I love this book and have already ordered her Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater to make tons of sweaters out of it.

Mason Dixon Knitting is sooooo much fun, it is a reference kind of book, but it is a very inspirational book that almost make it into must have category. Their idea of knitting things for the house, knitting things that you actually use it and wear it and enjoy it makes me realise knitting is not just for garments, I can do so many other things!

So during the Christmas holiday in the French countryside, I have made these. (Whatelse was I going to do in the countryside if not knitting?)

FO 4 - First Socks

This pair of socks is made with Patron 4 Ply Cotton. Very practical yarn for daily wear socks, especially for men since they seem to have such a speedy ability to make wear their socks out! The pattern is from Cat Bordhi's book, it is the toe-up master sock pattern with re-forced heels. It is pretty quick to finish, one could probably finish that in a weekend even without the Christmas holiday in French countryside factor.

FO 5 - My First Sweater

My first sweater is not technical my sweater, it is a sweater for my man. He said he has only one sweater in his closet, and would like to have one more. Since I was looking for an opportunity to make a simple sweater to learn, I jumped to this opportunity. I called it Real Irish Sweater coz it is made with real Irish yarn fro Donegal in Irish green and made in Ireland. The final product is lovely and comfortable. However, it taught me a lesson. It is difficult to make things for men coz they never give you very clear instruction and think that you could adjust the final products later by telling you to change this and that. So if you can avoid to make things for men, AVOID.

FO 6 - I shouldn't have called it an FO actually, coz it is still 5% away from finishing...After Dark Nightie

Once I have decided to make something for myself and I got this pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting, I realised I have found the right project! It is an easy enough project with lace, so I can get to learn how to make lace and have something that I can wear every day...night in fact. But months pass by, I still can't figure out what to do with the straps! I tried to order bra straps as instructed in the book and realized it is sooooo difficult to find anywhere that sells that at all nowadays! So I decided to make I-cords, and I didn't like making them, so I have made half of the I-cord and waiting to make the one and a half...these days, I wonder if it will be easier to make braids instead? Please drop a comment if you have any idea. Thanks.

Preview: FO 7, 8 = Other holiday knittings