Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FOs - Part Three

FO number 3 is the one that I have made after I have decided that I have to make something else than a scarf, but I had no confidence at all to make anything else. Plus, I have no idea who can I make something to. Of course now I know we have total right to make something for ourselves, but it was before I got my hand on the first copy of Interweave Knit and all these glossy.

Being very careful of me, I made a shawl...

I found a pattern on Lion Brand website and made this simple ribbing prayer shawl to Grace = my man's aunt.

Warn you, it is not super fancy neither, but it was a good start for me.

The yarn I used was Sublime Extra Fine Merino and skein of cobweb weight silk I got from LYS. I knitted two yarn together.

This project taught me a few things.

1. What Merino is. I am serious, I was very ignorant about different kind of yarn and all that, didn't have a clue at all.
2. A cobweb weight yarn is super difficult to knit. Because I was stupid enough to think that I could make the shawl JUST out of that before I realise I better buy some Merino to use them together.
3. Knitting is not cheap as people thought.

After finishing this project, I was totally hooked! I got my first stash storage = a basket. I got my first knitting magazine, I started 3 projects on needles! Christmas holiday was on the way, I have packed up all my stash and my 3 projects to go to France with me! I will talk about these 3 projects tomorrow.

Today, I got these from Amazon though.

Though I haven't finished reading them (not possible in one day anyway), I can totally understand why a lot of knitters said they are must have. I am telling you, THEY ARE! It is not at all like a glossy pattern book or anything. When I first open the Amazon box, I thought I got two academic books coming out! Knitting in Plain English has 282 pages and Sweater Design in Plain English has 408 pages! They are indeed academic books that talk about knitting as an art and science. They are all in black and white and fill every page with words. Just think economic textbook you got back then in school / college, that's how these books look like. I am so glad for this purchase, I am going to spend days and nights trying to get as much wisdom I can get from Maggie Righetti...

Preview: FO4+FO5+FO6! Three in a row!